Who I Am

Who am I?  Well, that’s a question with a ton of answers actually.  I am a bus operator, a student, and a scareactor at Busch Gardens’ Howl o Scream in the fall.  I like to believe that I am a transit advocate, not quite on the level that some of other people that I know, but an advocate nonetheless.  I am an active Union member of the Amalgamated Transit Union with Local 1593.  I believe in protecting the rights of the working people of this country.  I am not a Tampa native, but I do consider it my home.  There are days where I wish I was somewhere else, and other days I believe that this city will become something great.  I am a History buff and we could talk all day about Tampa History.  I am hoping that I can use this blog as well as my Twitter, you should definitely follow me ;), to help propel me into the world of Public Relations/Marketing, but until then lets have fun and talk transit!

Some of those advocates I mentioned:






These are just a few of the wonderful people that know how important transit is to this country and aren’t afraid to fight for it.  Won’t you join us 😀

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