Chinese Bus Operator Viewed As A Hero

Chinese bus operator, Wu Bin Smiley facedied at the wheel as a result of a freak accident. Continue reading


Tampa V. Transit!

English: This is a modern day picture of downt...

I love living in Tampa and I love mass transit.  The more I get involved with each, the more I realize that in Tampa’s current political climate the two may not be able to co-exist. Continue reading

I’m Still Here

I know its been nearly three months since my last posting, but things at HART have become rather hectic.  We have been short operators for quite some time and that means that other operators have to come in and fill in.  This is only the second week where I haven’t had to work 6/7 days.  So now that I have the time its time to start blogging again!

HART Is Golden!

Recently HART recieved a very prestigious award from the Transportation Security Administration highlighting HARTs dedication to safety and security system wide. From a personal perspective I think this award was well deserved, even though there is one piece of security that I think HART is lacking. That one piece is a Transit security team.
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July last year the state of Florida passed a law requiring state employees to contribute 3% of their paychecks towards the state pension system.  This amounted to a 3% cut in pay.  Most people say that we should contribute directly to the system since its OUR retirement.  Bare in mind that an employee must “survive” 6 years of public service before a dime of that money becomes ours again and then we have to wait until we turn 60.  With a high turn over rate the majority of those employees will never see that money again.  Some state agencies gave their employees a 3% pay increase to offset that pay-cut.  Earlier this week a Florida judge ruled that the law is unconstitutional!  This doesn’t necessarily mean that all that money will come flooding back to the employees just yet but it is a start in the right direction. Continue reading