Safety Should Take Priority!

I know that most of the posts I make about HART are usually in a good light.  But I have to say that this post is not a good one.  One July 19, 2012 a HART bus operator, a fellow operator was attacked.  You would think that with an Authority like HART they would have acted swiftly and decidedly to protect Colin Brown, but they did almost the exact opposite.  The response time to aide him in his time of need was abysmal and the follow up by HART was equally dis-heartening.  This attack could have gone down a much different road too.  Fortunately Mr. Brown is alive, and at home resting and recuperating.  HART may not have been able to foresee this happening, but they most certainly should have handled it better and with more care and professionalism.  I’ll let you watch the story below and let you form your own opinions.  My opinion is that I do not feel safe and protected where I work anymore.  The same can be said for most of my fellow operators.  As a passenger, wouldn’t you like to know that when you board a bus that your safety and security is the companies first priority? I know I would.


You Be The Judge

Watch this video and tell me if you think the bus driver or the cyclist is in the wrong/right?  I personally think the cyclist over reacted. Leave your comments below.

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Bus Crashes

I don’t know what it is but for some reason people like to watch car crashes. There are shows dedicated to them and the internet is littered with them.  Most people can’t pass up the opportunity to rubberneck when they pass an accident scene.
I guess as long as no one dies we can justify that dark addiction. And here is a montage to feed just such an addiction. 😀 Continue reading