Dark+Fog=No Fun

It’s bad enough to drive in the dark when bus stops are barely visible, it’s even worse when there is fog so thick you have to struggle to see 200ft in front of yourself. Thankfully the stops that did have passengers waiting at them were either well lit from above or were backlit by storefront lights. With the sun starting to rise hopefully most of it will burn off within the next hour.

If you are reading this and you catch a bus early in the morning or late at night, please break out your cell phone when you see the bus approaching. You have no idea how much more visible you become. If you carry a flashlight that’s even better.


The fog has cleared up, but it’s not completely gone. And for those of you who are driving, turning your brights on during any kind of precipitation will only make visibility worse.

2 thoughts on “Dark+Fog=No Fun

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  2. That’s right! Use your low beams during foggy situations. I’m sure you recall the massive I-4 pileup that happened not very long ago. As for using your cell phone (screen light) to wave down the bus, I think that’s pretty neat. I’ve been hearing about this through social media for some time now, which made me think “Wow! Why didn’t I think of doing that?”

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