HART Is Golden!

Recently HART recieved a very prestigious award from the Transportation Security Administration highlighting HARTs dedication to safety and security system wide. From a personal perspective I think this award was well deserved, even though there is one piece of security that I think HART is lacking. That one piece is a Transit security team.
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Forced Merger!

Recently there has been legislation passed in Florida that would require HART and PSTA to merge into one regional transit service and also to pay $100k each to TBARTA to fund a study for said merger

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July last year the state of Florida passed a law requiring state employees to contribute 3% of their paychecks towards the state pension system.  This amounted to a 3% cut in pay.  Most people say that we should contribute directly to the system since its OUR retirement.  Bare in mind that an employee must “survive” 6 years of public service before a dime of that money becomes ours again and then we have to wait until we turn 60.  With a high turn over rate the majority of those employees will never see that money again.  Some state agencies gave their employees a 3% pay increase to offset that pay-cut.  Earlier this week a Florida judge ruled that the law is unconstitutional!  This doesn’t necessarily mean that all that money will come flooding back to the employees just yet but it is a start in the right direction. Continue reading

You Be The Judge

Watch this video and tell me if you think the bus driver or the cyclist is in the wrong/right?  I personally think the cyclist over reacted. Leave your comments below.

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ITS DYNAMITE! Sadly this is not a post about those guys lol

Over the past year and a half that I have been an operator for HART I have learned quite about the transit world.  One that I find most interesting is the happy marriage of Twitter and Transit.  Many agencies, passengers, and transit advocates have found the speed and portability of Twitter to be invaluable.  The speed at which information can be shared these days is phenomenal and Twitter makes it much easier, more portable, and simplified (with a 140 character limit).  Ideas a shared by simply posting a link to a story, blog, or video. Continue reading