Don’t X Transit

As you know the majority of my blog is about educating passengers, new and old.  But if congress goes through with their proposed transportation cuts, there may not be much use for me to write this blog.   Some of you may think, “why does it matter to me, I have a car.”  Well transportation cuts doesn’t only affect forms of mass transit, it also affects those roads you think you’ll be driving on, and it also pays to fix those bridges you would traverse to get from Tampa to St. Pete.  One other bit of food for thought, if you think traffic is horrible now, think about all of those people who had cars but chose transit as an alternate form of transit.  If they no longer have a bus to take them where they need to go, they’ll be in the lane right next to you stuck in the same traffic mess at Malfunction Junction.  Now what about those people who have no other way to get around without the bus.  The unemployment rate in this area is already disgusting as is, if those people have no way to get to work then they will only add to that number.

Now this doesn’t have to happen and if it does it doesn’t need to happen without a fight.  You can help make sure our representatives know that we don’t want this in any form.  States and cities need the funding we already get if not more.  You’ve all seen the stories and the signs of our crumbling infrastructure and our dismal mass-transit  system.  Think about those people in Vermont that are stranded in their mountain homes because of washed out bridges and roads.  Those people may face a very hard and lonely winter if money isn’t made available to fix those problems.   These are all signs that we need to keep funding at the levels they are if not raise them higher. and you can make a huge difference in making sure this happens.

Contact Your Local Representative NOW!

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